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About Us

Best Truck and Trailer Repair Services in Conneaut Lake, PA

At Lake Leasing Service, we specialize in keeping your commercial vehicles and farm equipment in peak condition in Conneaut Lake, PA. As a veteran-owned business, we infuse every repair and maintenance job with a commitment to reliability and excellence. Our services include expert commercial truck repair, heavy truck and trailer maintenance, and comprehensive farm equipment care.

We understand that breakdowns don’t stick to business hours, so our dedicated team of certified professionals is available around the clock. Whether it’s a roadside emergency or routine upkeep, our mobile service ensures we’re there whenever and wherever you need us.

Emphasizing local values and expertise, Lake Leasing Service is your go-to source for commercial solutions. We pride ourselves on providing repairs and peace of mind with our no-cost estimates and reliable service. Trust us to keep your operations running smoothly, 24/7.


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Long-Lasting Commercial Truck Repair - An Expert Touch

At Lake Leasing Service, we bring an expert touch to commercial truck repair, ensuring your vehicles withstand the rigors of daily operations. Our adept team, using cutting-edge techniques and quality parts, focuses on precision repairs that extend the lifespan of your trucks, ultimately saving you money.

We thoroughly explore the intricacies of every vehicle, pinpointing potential issues before they escalate into expensive breakdowns. By optimizing truck performance and minimizing downtime, our service repairs and rejuvenates your fleet, ensuring a return on investment through reduced repair costs and enhanced operational efficiency.

Rely on us for practical solutions that ensure your trucks maintain their longevity and performance prowess.

Perfect Heavy Truck and Trailer Repair - Ensured Excellence

At Lake Leasing Service, our heavy truck and trailer repair approach is built on ensured excellence. Utilizing the latest equipment, we precisely identify issues, enabling us to tackle problems with unparalleled accuracy. Our technicians apply the latest repair techniques, from laser alignment to frame straightening, ensuring every component functions seamlessly.

We specialize in hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical repairs explicitly tailored to the unique demands of heavy trucks and trailers. By focusing on thorough, high-quality repairs rather than quick fixes, we ensure your equipment remains reliable and robust, maximizing uptime and efficiency on the road.

Repair Your Truck with Our Expert Touch!

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Our team is equipped to perform major engine overhauls and rebuilds, ensuring your equipment operates efficiently and effectively.

Our free estimates provide a detailed breakdown of the expected costs for labor and parts based on the initial assessment of your vehicle or equipment’s condition.

Our 24/7 availability allows us to schedule repairs during off-hours and weekends to accommodate your operational needs and reduce business interruption.

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